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Bluetooth Commands - is there a better way?

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Bluetooth is okay. However, voice functions are tiresome. I often just pull the phone out and just dial.

The voice command system forces you to listen to every step of the dialing process - the FULL menu of options before giving a call. So making a Phone call becomes a 2 minute process.

Is there a better way?

- Press Button
# State command, list of all possible commands.
# List of all possible commands for calling - name, recent, missed, etc, etc
# Multiple listings, list of all possible choices.
"Next listing"
# Listing of number followed by choices.
"Next listing"
# Listing of number followed by choices.

Finally you are making your call. This is great for the newbie. But seriously, there needs to be a better faster way. And there very well may be. I just don't know it yet. So if anyone else does, please chime in. Thx.
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You don't have to listen to the commands. Just push the button to override it and talk. Once you know what it's asking just push the button that you would push to initiate the call (left button).

So for example I'd push the left button, as soon as it starts talking I push the button again and say "call ____". I don't listen to the lady state every command or option. It says too in the guide book that you can push the button at any time to start talking yourself.
No problem. It should work.

Just be sure to state your command right away.

Rather than just saying "call" & then waiting to hear your options say, "call home" or "call 905.......". Shouldn't take long at all to make a call. You don't even have to listen to her restate your request. When she starts restating your command, push the button say "yes" (confirming its correct), and it will start dialing.
Also you can press the arrows and override it to manual menu. I prefer the manual menu if I have to go through a few numbers, not sure of what order they will be in.
I didnt know that, I learned something new too. Ill have to try it. I too am sick of hearing her repeat that message everytime, LOL!
Press the on button a second time. And shhh! Quiet.
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