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Bluetooth no longer recongizes phonebook

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Hi, my name is Connie and I bought a 2012 Versa and an iPhone 4S in early May and have been loving both. Until yesterday, I was able to use the Bluetooth in the car with no problem - I could say "Call whoever" and it worked fine. However, when I tried to do it yesterday, everytime I would state someone's name, it would issue another command or say "try again." When I used the command "list names," it said no names were available. My contact list on my iphone is fine as always, it just seems that the Bluetooth no longer recognizes it. I can state a phone number to make calls and I can receive calls so the system itself seems to be working. Anyone have this issue? Thanks.
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This has only happened to me when I've turned my Bluetooth on my iPhone off without even realizing it was off. Seems simple but it has happened to me lol. Just double check your phone is synced to the cars Bluetooth.

If it still doesn't work, maybe restore or reboot your iPhone?
Thanks. My bluetooth is on and I am able to make and receive calls, it just no longer recognizes my contacts on my phone - I have to say the actual phone number. I guess eventually I will have to delete the car from my phone and the phone from my car and re-set everything up but was hoping tehre was a simpler fix.
yah, re-pair it, usually fixes most issues
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