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BLW729: 2012 Versa S

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So here is my new car. Just did some small $60 cosmetic upgrade. Could not leave it blank. I used Oracal Intermediate Vinyl to black out the roof. Oracal 8500 Translucent Grey vinyl to black out tail lights and windshield eyebrow. Used PlastiDip to black out rear badges and Grill badge. Took off the stock wheel caps for now, riding on steel! I am not sure which rims I am gonna get but they will be gunmetal or black and be 18". I just ordered my DC Sports CAI system thanks to members here recommended! I will have a pic of that soon. Soon to come will be lower kit and rear spoiler. Not sure after that we will have to see. Hope you enjoy!


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Welcome to the forums. Hatch looks good. What year is it? Auto or manual?
Welcome to the forums.
Awesome work man, welcome to the forums! Love the pics.
welcome to the forum. Nice car and color.
Its a 2012 and its automatic. I got it to save on gas and get me to and from work in downtown dallas and needed something my wife can drive also. Otherwise would have gotten manual, to me I feel like I have more control of the car in a manual. But thats just me.
I hear ya on the manual/auto. Welcome!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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