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Body damage!

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So i'm new here and my wife has had her versa for a couple years. Recently her sister was driving it and got side swiped. The only real damage was on the passenger side front quarter panel. And when I say only I mean a lot. Now problem is we didn't want it hitting our insurance seeing how it's not our fault but her parents are tight financially, and though they agreed to pay for it, I would like to find the cheapest place to purchase? Does anyone know where I could get a good price online for a quarter panel? Also there are little clips that connect the quarter panel and the bumper together. Are those available for purchase? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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if you cant find it used around your area, maybe you can buy this one

161.19 free shipping
Replacement N220139Q Fender | Auto Parts Warehouse

then you have to get it painted, as far as I know, body shops charge between 200.00 to 300.00 dollars per panel
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