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bodyshops versaspeed grillle help

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hey guys i put my versaspeed grille back on but the thing is i noticed my bumper was sagging before i put it on thier was a big ass gap between the headlights anyways i took it to the bodyshop and they tryed to say it was because of my grille now i gota take it up there at 10 am tmw to get them to fix it this shit is getting ridiculous first they forget to put parts on my car and charge my insurance for shit they didnt replace anyways im getting really annoyed anybody with the versaspeed grille chime in because i remember my bumper didnt sag with my first one hope to hear back as this is really on my last nerve especially after watching the guy yank on my bumper 3 different ways for like 10 mins
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you can laugh at them :p imagine if the hood sits on the grille it self hahaha... the hood rest on the hook it self. if you look at a versa picture you will see a gap between the hood and the OEM grille. where is that shop located at? man make sure to report them to the insurance company and ask to be moved to a new shop because they are full of bs :p it sags probably because of the hood hinges that keeps the hood in place when you have it up or down.
the shop manager is good enough its just his ******* stooge that needs to be put in his place i just went down their after strapping the factory grille back on to show him the gap was still there and to prove my point the manager more or less looked at me like i was insane lol but its just retarded man they had like 180 parts to change i couldnt tell you how many they did change but i can tell you this my exhaust system muffler was one of them if it was changed then all of the mufflers look like theyve been wrapped in pine needles and driven for 48k
ive put 2 versaspeed grills on my regular bumper and sport bumper and my front end never sagged. there would be no reason for it to sag.
uhh what happened to your car again :p
I know... I love it. I can totally grasp how pissed off he is by how little he's punctuating things. AWESOME. I can't believe they're giving him such a runaround about his grill!
yeah i know tango i had no gap on my first bumper i just think its funny how bodyshops or anything automotive try to rake me, over the coals just because i look like im damn 15 dosent mean i am or that im a stooge for that matter... just kinda funny and to answer yer question nemesis i fell asleep on the interstate, woke up and drove up an embankment because i was completely ass sideways... but yeah i was pissed especially when i saw the shop manager yank on my bumper to the point that the whole car was rocking it was a miracle i didnt grab my lug wrench out of the passenger seat... but anyways thats my rant pissed off fury for the day enjoy, lmfao now to sleep.
I hate it when strangers touch my car... especially when they're being rough!!!!
so many jokes about what you just said lol i dont mind roughness i mind unneccesary roughness especially on plastic cars..
im a male and i was in the marine corps our minds are always some place they shouldnt be
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