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BONES81: 2009 Versa S

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more pics coming soon
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I like the inside the i lids are differnt did you do paint them or are they like a decal or something
its painted i taped it off and painted myself
nice is it tint paint?
yes but i didn't read the can and used a crap load of it so it came out solid black but still looked good. I also did the taillights i'll try to get pics later
looks good do the lights still shine through at all
yes you can see through
looks good man!
hood scoop?
hood scoop?
wanted something different until i save the money for carbon fiber
looks good man i like the interior
More pics of car

back door panel pics coming soon
front seats later this week
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Your car looks awesome! So clean!!!!

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i like the rims. and did u do the interior yourself or did u get it done
got it done by a guy that works beside my tattoo shop
Looks dope. Get rid of the hood scoop lol.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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