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I bought my 2007 Nissan Versa S at the end of this 2012 july! I named my Versa as known Brenda. :ihih:

I added at first, the Ez-Lips on that!!

and this week, I added OEM Fog Light with 3000K HID kit.

I bought an auto radio DVD and Touchscreen Boss Audio, and Subwoofer Boss Audio, Chaos Exxtreme series in 12". I will buy a amplifier soon, when I can pay this!!

Next mod, I think to buy 16"X8.25 Varstoen V3 if I can find with +15mm offset. I will happy for the next summer! I don't want buy bigger than 16"... and the last mod, I want to buy Roof Rack for Bike with Fairing!! no drop, no engine mod.. maybe Takeda SRI and OBX headers.. but no racing exhaust... no performance mod..

I've already my Soarer for the performance (Lexus SC300-400 for US market but it's JDM with Right hand Drive) with 1jz-gte (2.5liter Inline 6 twin turbo OEM)


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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