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Bought New Versa; PROBLEMS

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I've purchased a used Nissan Versa 2009, 1.8S 6 Speed Manual Transmission. Beautiful, quiet and responsive car. All was perfect until the cold weather came in at -20..-28 degrees Celsius (-4..-19 F).

Firstly, my trunk would never fully lock. (hatchback)
Secondly, my sprayer nozzles were completely frozen (Front and Back). Thirdly, back from the gym, my car failed to start, cranking well, yet was unable to start.
Lastly, the famous Service Engine Soon light engaged on my dashboard.

I was able to resolve the two first problems with ease, just waiting for the temperature to become warmer.
The third problem scared me, after pushing my V to a safe parking lot, i gave myself the go to try a last time cranking the car. It finally started it but wasn't running completely the way it should. My V, pedal to the floor, didn't exceed 2.5k RPM, the accelerator wasn't responsive. I drove it around the parking lot and decided to drive home on some quiet roads, on which i noticed the Service Engine Soon Light. Once i turned the engine off at home, i decided to give it another try, the accelerator finally responded properly.
At this point, everything is resolved, the car is running very smooth, besides the Engine light bothering me.
I called the dealer and they told me that the light should turn off in a couple of days. It is day 5, it is still on, what should I do? What could it be?
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already done

See that pic should be post in the how to section. I know I didn't write it but it's straight from nissan.
This will give you the code for what the issue was. To me sounds like an issue with the MAF or intake tubing after the maf. You can even shut the light off with the procedure. Let us know what you find.
Was the throttle body ever removed? I would make sure the plug is seated well, that all the bolts are snug and there are no air leaks around it.

But if your car is under warranty of any kind I wouldn't touch anything and just bring it back in for them to deal with.
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