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Bought some new speakers for the V!

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I swapped out the front 2 easily... But ran into some complications after hooking up one of the rear speakers. after hooking it up.. i turned on the radio to find that none of my speakers worked!. Just wondering if anyone with more experience knows what the problem could be.. Just watched a video on youtube that said the car could be protecting itself from a bad speaker? I dont know if thats the case.. Supposed i could try the other one in that spot tomorrow. But i would just like to know some other possibilities to this problem. Not enough power maybe?
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don't know much about car audio but do you still have the factory radio?

check negative and positive wires
check the radio fuse
Make sure door metal is not touching against one of the speakers

best thing you could do is re-install the factory speakers back on and see if each speaker has sound.
Ya its still the factory radio. But i have it hooked up to a JL cleansweep. and ive tried hooking the wires up both ways. Neither combination works. If the other 3 all work when the new one isnt hooked up then i dont think it would be the fuse right?... But the door metal you say? I never even thought of that. I'll have to check it out
yeah i had the problem with the door metal i ended up taking electrical tape and taping the back of the postive negative connector and that fixed my problem my rear doors were the only ones that did that tho
Total Mobile Audio. Its a JL company
Alright problem solved! Turned out the connectors were touching the door metal... But i have a question. I thought that the two wires from the speaker had to be hooked up to the 2 wires in the car a certain way. I tried connecting them both ways and both times they worked. Sound seemed the same quality too. I mean either way i'm happy because it works, I just want to know why!
there was a write up about which wire is the positive and negative itll sound fine until you get up to good speed :p and it starts to distort
If you have them swapped +/- compared to the opposite door, it will still sound "ok" but at higher volumes you will be missing or have distortion with your midbass.
Does anyone have the polarity of all the doors? I mean from what i remember the front right was red and green. and the front left was... i dont remember but it was different haha. And then the back right was teal and grey. Havent popped the panel off the fourth door yet. but i expect it will be different
The two rear doors are teal and grey. The front doors are four different colors. I dunno why. But assume its cause of the tweeters.
I reran wires to my components 3 years ago. lol I dont reuse OEM wires when adding an amp to speakers.
For me it was a quick install, lol. I will be rerouting new wires in a few weeks, when I plan to upgrade the headunit.
Alright so the colours of the wires on my front speakers are left: white and pink, Right: Green and Red. Would anyone happen to know the polarity>?
I did....
white as left positive
pink as left negative

green as right positive
red as right negative.

I got my information if you look up "How to install a system in a stock head unit" on this form, and it shows you the colors of the headunit, and I went by that. It seems to be working ok. Hope this helps.
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