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Brake light Replacement Help!

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So incase you haven't read my other thread yet, I had some time off today and decided to install my rear strut bar and also replace my brake light bulb since it was out.

I tried for 2 HOURS! Trying to remove the tail light assembly, there has to be some type of trick?

Thanks to all!
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hmmmm i removed mine pretty easy but make sure you dont drop the nut inside lol use a socket wrench or a magnetic socket wrench to make it easy but to be safe grab a bunch of rug and stuff it in the holes so incase the nut drops the rug will catch it... theres only 2 nuts holding the whole thing then shake it a little and pull it out :p its easy you can do it :p
I got one, wheres the second one?
I got one, wheres the second one?
Sedans FTW hahaha
hmmmm ill look tomorrow and take a picture :p its too late right now hmmm but i look at the diagram though it looks like theres only one nut but i got to make sure tomorrow because from what i remember i took out more than one ill double check kk... but try to pull it out first see if it will come out :p
simply put, there are two access holes you will find the 2 nuts, one will be covered by a plastic piece... after you remove the 2 nuts, proceed to pulling the tailight off.... pull it straight back toward you....
I know your pain. Mine took some 'slapping' towards the 'slide slapping' the brake lights towards the rear of the car.

Once you have them out once they're easier the second time.

Don't force them though, using things to 'pry' them out can result in missing plastic!
Yeah I finally got it...had tug on it with quite a bit of force.
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