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Brake Light Switch?

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I have a 2008 Versa and the brake lights stopped working. I have checked the fuses and they are not blown. Someone suggested checking the brake light switch. Does anyone know if this is a good place to start and if so, how? Thanks for any feedback.
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Sorry to hear you have the problem. What i would suggest you do before changing it
is test the electricity to the brake switch with a multimeter. If its getting electricity to the switch and loosing it after the switch then you could change it .
Thanks for your reply. However, the switch tested o.k. Also, what do you mean by "loosing it after the switch?"
I was refering to power before and after the switch. If you lost the power it might have,been,the switch.
Power= electricity
Did you find,the issue
Well, if you say the switch works, did you test the switch out of the car or in the car? Did you test if you get voltage up until the switch?

Don't quote me on this, but I would say there is one wire going into the switch and one wire coming out, the one going in would be before (and probabally run to the fuse box), and the one going out would go to the brake light, if you test the one going in for voltage to a ground you should always have voltage, if you test after you should only have voltage if the brake is pressed.

If you get no voltage before then your fuse or your wire somewhere up until this point is broken

If you get no voltage after the switch but you do get it before then you switch is broken.

If you get it before and after then I would go and test right at the brake light to see if you get voltage when the brake is pressed (you shouldn't get any when the brake is not pressed)

If you do then maybe the brake light itself doesn't work? I'm not sure if they are bulbs or LEDs in this car I haven't taken that close of a look, if it is a bulb have you tried changing it? I am guessing that you mean all brake lights are out (I just checked and you said brake lights, so I'm guessing you mean center and sides if that is the case then I doubt they all burned out)

Weird problem
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thanx for your won't believe this but it turned out to be that the bulbs were bad..i replaced them and the brake lights work!
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