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Brake work

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I know my rotors are fine, but I want to install my crossdrilled rotorsfor the summer...Does anyone have any tips or advice before I bust out the service manual and dive in?
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its been a while since ive changed rotors on any car... but its pretty straight forward... did you buy the stillen ones?
if you do it take pictures, i want the slotted ones later down the road
Yes please take pics and do a write-up. We need a good How-to section even for the basic stuff.

A few universal tips for brakes is; suspend the caliper with zip ties so it's not hanging from the brake line when installing the rotor, spray your new rotor with brake clean to get the oil off, be sure to use silicone/brake quiet on the back of the pads, clean out the old grease on the slider pins and install fresh grease, I like to put some lubricant on the piston boot to ensure a long life and no buckling when compressing the piston.

Goodluck, and if your doing anything to the rears I have no idea. I'ven never owned a car with drums. I gotta find a conversion kit because when it come time to do brakes I don't want to put that back on my car.
Yeah I have the stillen's...Thanks for the tips and for sure I will take pictures throughout the process.
have you put these on yet? i picked up a set recently and i put them on.... have to go back and put the stainless steel brakelines on.... i will do a write up for you guys when i do...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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