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Brakes scraping? intermittently

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2010 Versa HB bought from Hertz with 42K on it. I've got 63K on it now.

A year ago I had to stop pretty quick and noticed a crumbly kind of sound coming from my front end but only when I applied brakes. I didn't think anything of it, since I had just come down a mountain & figured they were hot?? (I'm a girl & know enough to be dangerous, that's it.)

No problem with it happening again until 2 days ago. Stopped short again, only going about 10mph and it sounded crumbly again. It feels like you've got the pedal down but you're trying to stop in gravel. It's got that sliding feel even though you've got pressure on the brakes. Stopped fine, drove fine in traffic, rarely up & down the mountain anymore.

Today I was driving & was stopping at the bottom of a small hill & heard/felt it again. Trans didn't engage right away after stopping & that's the first time that happened. Currently under-employed & will be able to do a thorough repair in less than a month, but any idea what's going on & is this something I can fix on my own?? How-to & pics & I can manage with step dad (who changes his own brakes, btw.)

Thanks for the help.
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Your brakes definately need attention and soon.
I've been doing brakes on my own cars as well as plenty others and have seen many variations of failure.
To me it sounds like the brake material has separated from the backing plate. It scoots around contained by the caliper, but it's ready to degrade rapidly and you'll have no brake (on that side).
I've seen rotors "machined" down by backing plates enough to expose the cooling fins cast within. I was amazed that the driver didn't investigate sooner.
Now, the above is an educated guess.
I've also seen retenion bolts missing and the caliper flopping around on one bolt.
I also once found that the owners child had placed small rocks from the driveway into the wheel openings. They were sized just right and were rolling / scraping around.
Pull the wheel and often times the mystery is quickly solved by a quick visual inspection.
At any rate, at 63K you most probably need to replace the pads anyways. It's not really a tough job, but if you "know enough to be dangerous", I'd recommend a service manual.
For the front, you'll need basic tools like sockets and such, for the rear drums a bit more.
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Welcome to the forums. Good luck with your brakes.
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