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ok so the car needs brakes, rotors are warped, and tires at only 28K miles, I guess they made sure to put cheap tires on the car
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I'm assuming you rotated the tires every 5-6k miles. I read online that the OEM tires hold up to 40k miles before replacing with new. Wonder why so early?
yes i did, rotate them. Yeah was looking at them and thought it was kinda wierd
good old conti-pro tires
That is one of the few benefits of snow tires. The original tires last longer since they are only on for half of the year :)
I think I will be putting my snows on next weekend. The temperature has dropped dramatically down here. Snow will most likely fall very soon :(
warped rotors? that doesn't sound many km's you done?
rotors will warp depending on braking habits as well, if you tend to brake harder they will heat warp, this is common from lots of interstate driving or just some well spirited driving. i sell people rotors all day for the same reason, they maybe be able to resurface them, have someone check spec for you and see if they can turn them out.
yeah the wife drives highway a lot so and as far as milage right around 28K miles or 43452km.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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