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Brent from VA here

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I'm looking to get a Versa if I can get my vehicle sold. I feel in love with them when I saw the Red Stillen Versa online. Keeping my fingers crossed for everything going smoothly so I can get one and start making it my own.
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Welcome! Hope you can get one as well! Want a red one too ?
welcome to the site, good luck in selling you car
Welcome to the board... VA owner here.

what are you selling to get into a Versa?
More VA owners or potential owners :) Welcome to the forums
Looking to get a blue one. But the grey, silver, black or red would do lol So whatever I can get a good deal on. Found one locally that's a grey SL. Has the sunroof and all. -And I'm seeling a 2007 PT Cruiser Convertible Touring Turbo.
Mine has the sunroof (sport package) on her. It's awesome :D

You really love them to say you will be happy with any colour :D

PT Cruiser's are cute ... And a turbo! Mmmm ... :D Don't like it anymore?
Oh I love it. Just wanting a change. I have it listed on eBay for anyone that may be interested. Of if you know anyone that may be:
OMG It's a convertible too!

My dream car is a New Beetle Cabrio (1.8Turbo) ... I hope I have enough saved up to get one by next Spring ... but with the new insurance change in Ontario, who knows ...

But that is such a cute car! Not something I'd ever buy though ... But it's definitely cute. Five of us will be squeezing in my coworkers PT to drive to Toronto on Sunday :eek: Not sure how much space is in one of those !
good choice selling the turbo pt cruiser... ive worked on so many of those things at the shop its ridiculous.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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