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Brillante16: 2011 Versa 1.6

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Need opinions and critics!! Thank you!! :D :thumb2:


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Wheels are nice, don't know about them lug nuts though.
Looks good
Looks good. I see those style lugnuts online all the time. Not my style but guess it's popular. BTW those tail lights look different then mine.
Works... I will also echo the gladiator (long) nuts.

Wheels, tint, drop, tow hook, vent-guards, rack and tails... all look good.
Horizontal lines on tails are nice, and ya can't go wrong with 5 spokes:D
looks good! Nice V
Looks good man, what kind of wheels ate those?
look like spoon sw388's or rota's. Though doesn't seem to be the extra holes in the middle?
Those are Spoon 16" 4x100 painted Pearl White... The lug nuts is just a style in Puerto Rico... And I'm just trying to make a JDM style in my car... Thanks for all your opinions!!! Oh and the taillights is just a things we put there... Those are the oem taillights.
4x100? Is that the wheel design? The lug pattern is 4 X 114.
Yes, 4x100... I put some spacers that converts my lugs from x114 to x100... :D cool ah!!!!
Sounds good. Is it safe?
Until now i haven't got any problems with them...

This is the pic...

It works fine... And it lets me now put some 114 and 100 rims whenever I want... The only problem is that it takes out the rim 1"...
Thats cool. 1" isn't bad.
Where did you find the adapter and how much were they?
1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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