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2014 Nissan Versa Note
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DISCLAIMER: Many mods to this car are heavily inspired by the mods of others. Anyone I take inspiration from is listed below, check out their builds too!
GoodKid's 2015 Note S
Boki's 2016 Note SV

"Bug", my 2014 Note S
I'll let you in a few secrets that hold this car close to me: being only 16, she's my first. In fact, she's a hand-me-down from my mom that I've decided to simply make the most of. I think the best thing about this car is how few of us there are that are passionate about the potential these have. And at the end of the day, when it's time to move on, just unbolt what you've done and sell it to someone new.

I've got quite the list of mods I plan to do to this car, all in varying levels of importance, and I figured I'd share it with you all and also give help on how I did what, or answer any questions anyone may have. As I complete a mod, I'll tick it off on this "hub thread" and leave a link to my post explaining.
Note ePower Taillights

Halfway done! Waiting on wiring harnesses and bulbs. Housings are sitting in my garage.
These taillights are probably one of the most common mods done to the Note. It's a shame the ePowers were only sold in Japan and never brought over to the U.S. You can find the taillights on ebay, although do note that these typically, if not always, do not come with the harnesses nor bulbs to install with (I made this mistake). Sites like will send you the complete set for roughly $400, which includes the harnesses and bulbs (a good $70ish is shipping).

Pictures of when I slapped them on to my car to see how'd they look. Still don't properly work.


Image courtesy of 2015BooBerryNote.

Impul Spoiler
One of the more important mods to my car, and hopefully coming up soon, is this behemoth of a spoiler, as opposed to the stock SV/SR spoiler (around $200): it was a little too small for my liking. Hoping to order these in early/mid September.


DRL/Turn Signal LED Strips
Something that sounds super simple but ends up being a challenge due to the way the car is built. There are multiple routes to take when it comes to setting these up, all of varying degrees. You're gonna need some skill when it comes to splicing wire, especially in tight gap.

1. Fuse Tap Method - The fuse tap method is the method in which you ground the ground wires to the bolts near the headlights (painted the same color as your car, behind the hood stand on the right), you splice the blinker wires, and you run the power wires to the Accessory fuse in the driver compartment. The problem with this method is that getting to the ACC fuse is nearly impossible: you have to totally destroy the driver side dash and unscrew what appears to be some form of metal dash support to reach the fuse. In my case, you end up setting your CEL off trying to find an open fuse. It'll also cost you an extra $20 for fuse taps, connectors, and extra wire.
2. Battery Method - This method is a more idealistic balance between the fuse tap method and the next method. This method, which I'll be trying tomorrow morning (8/25/2020, will update with results) involves running the ground and power wire to the positive and negative terminals on the battery. Like the fuse tap method, you will need extra wire and connectors.
3. All-in-One Method (Boki's Method) - This method, given to me by Boki, involves splicing the 3 different wires into their respective ones within the turn signal bulb. While this sounds easiest on paper, you'll be disheartened to open your engine bay and discover not one, but two problems: the first being that the wires are nearly as thing as a hair, leaving no room for error or bye-bye turn signal, and the second being that there's literally no room with all the clutter around. This is why I consider method 2 to be the best because you only have to splice the blinker wire, as opposed to this one in which you have to splice all 3. On the bright side, doing this method will save you $20 as you don't need any connectors or wires, just some electrical tape.
If all goes well, here's what your result should be! (Credit to BokiSmoki.)


Picture of all 3 wires spliced together. Courtesy of BokiSmoki.

Picture showing how little room there is to work with and how thin the wires are. How Boki managed to do this amazes me.

Other Planned/Completed Mods
These will get their own section as time passes/I add them to the car.
Injen Air Intake - $200-$250
Universal Side Skirts and Rear Diffuser (diffuser requires SR bumper)
(courtesy of BokiSmoki) - $40 a piece
Front Splitter (requires SR bumper, not sure if I'll do, don't like the look of the SR front bumper) - $300
Note SR Bumper Swap - $150 rear, $300 front, + $50 Paint and Clear Coat
Exhaust System (still deciding on a system, working w/ GoodKid on a choice) - $200+
Sony XAV-AX5000 (upgrade from single-DIN head unit, Sony DSX-A415BT currently installed) -

2016 Maxima Steering Wheel Swap - $100 for Wheel, $300 for Airbag
New Wheels (looking at Kansei KNP's) - $800-$1000
Blacking out Interior and Plastidipping Grille - maybe $30? Not good with paint pricing.
Window Tint (has been completed, 35 on shield w/ 5 strip, 5 on the triangle windows, 20 on rest) - $320
Subwoofer + Amp System (getting a section after I get some pictures taken) - $380
Cutting Part of the Front Bumper - probably some paint scratches :(

Any and all plans for the car will be kept here and I'll do my best to frequently update this thread as I do more and complete more mods.
With all that being said, here's some photos from a while back!
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