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So I did. Bought 2 2012 Versa HB S 1.8s last night. My old 1996 Cutlass and my son's 2002 Kia were on their last legs so the wife and son get Versas and I get the 5 year old minivan; where's the justice in that???

Anyway, I had a Sentra back in '91 and loved that car, so, given the great deal on pricing, I thought I'd give the Versa a shot. Turns out the wife and son loved it, so we bought 'em.

Article Blue and Onyx Blue.
First off welcome. Second, the justice is that most likely you want your wife and son to be in a safe reliable car... Right? {or maybe trade your son vehicles ;) }
I bought my 2012 new in March. Reaching 10,000 miles and still love him!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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