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Buying 2012 Versa

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Hey Guys!
Now new to forums or Hondas but I am definitely new to Nissans. Anyways, im basically looking for any "What to look out for" or "What lies ahead" if I do purchase a new Versa.

I am looking to buy a 2012 manual sedan (manual locks, windows, etc.) w/ the 1.6 for roughly $11k which seems to be an amazing deal!

So, what about the quality of the Versa? Are there any maintenance service items I need to look out for? I am used to the timing belt service for Hondas. Does the Versa have an interference motor? Also, I read some reviews about terrible handling on the interstate when it is windy, is there any truth to that?

I appreciate all helpful advice and pointers!

Thanks! :)
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Some people have complained about crosswinds but i haven't found the handling any worse than the 89 tercel hatch i had. i have 08 versa hatch. 1.6 and stick is a rockin combo for big mpgs! many happy owners here, seems to be no major repeatable issues so far with new versa sedan and 1.6 I would pony up for the SV with manual if it's available in your area. Enjoy!
I have a 2010 sedan with the 1.6 motor and manual tranny. No issues, I love it. Its got manual everything(windows, locks) but I dont mind.
I agree with 08versailles, go with the SV or SL, if you want more power, maybe even the 1.8l. No trouble so far for my car either.
Thanks for the replies! Ill most likely stick with the base as the Honda is going in storage so I can save money and eventually do a manual swap, K swap, and boost.

Anyone else?

Do you guys know of any service intervals?
What kind of Honda is it? I used to have a CB7. Any pics?
Nice! It is a CD5.

I don't have any recent pics that are decent but here is a quick one I snapped a couple months back. Its got quite a bit of work done to it....just needs a worthy powertrain.


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Love it. Im a big fan of CDs. 96 or 97?
Thanks! 97

Fiji Blue Pearl paint (Civic Si)
18' wheels with the best rubber
Ground Controls w/ Tokico Illumina Struts
Wicked Tuning rear camber kit
SPC front balljoint camber kit
Front + rear strut bar
Ebay exhaust :( (Had Apexi WS2 but rusted)
LAST set of TYC Elegante headlights and tail lights made. 4000K hid's.
AEM intake
Mugen replica front lip + grilled + rear lip
Megan Racing seats w/ made to order Weapon R brackets
Audio stuff, custom alarm, etc.
Pillar gauge for future turbo
VIS carbon fiber trunk + hood (Recently added - need to reclear them)
Aerocatch locking flushmount hood pins
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Sounds good. Boosting the F22 or swapping it out?
welcome to the forum I cant really add anything about the new ones but I have an 09 sedan and had very few problems with it and its at almost 64k. they can be a little touchy in a cross breeze but I think that has to do with how light they are (my 97 kia sophia had the same problem) but its not really that bad in normal day to day driving from my experience (again mines the older style) its only bad in higher winds which IMO would affect most cars like the versa.
on the S if you keep your car pretty well cleaned out you dont even have to worry about locking your doors. the car doesnt have a trunk latch on the inside (you have to use a key to access the trunk) and the rear seat does not fold down. this being the case you can put anything of value in the trunk and even if you leave the doors unlocked they still cant get in the trunk! id rather them just open the door than bust a window.
Thanks again for the replies!

Sounds good. Boosting the F22 or swapping it out?
I am planning on swapping a K in and adding boost...but if I cant afford that I will build and boost the F.
That would be nice. Back when I had mine there was a K24 coupe. Very clean...and fast I bet.
Itd be very nice! But we'll see....I can't stand having "Stock" things so I will have to fight the addiction I have to modifying things. So I have to keep the Versa stock...assuming I can find one.
Dont fight it. Lol You can do simple mods. Thats what I plan on doing. Basically going for looks. :D
Looks like i'll be getting a 2012 Versa S sedan on Saturday! $12,900.

Blue with black interior. Manual windows/locks. Comes with lifetime warranty on powertrain/tranny :)

No mods planned and none wanted other then buying a center console! Might put in a spare radio I have and tint the windows. Its going to be weird going from a modified Honda that lowered, racing seats, flip out touch screen display to this. lol Time to put the Honda in storage....:(

Oh, my cluster only has the speedometer gauge. Does the tiny little read out on the lower right display what mpg you are getting? Or is that only on the upgraded ones?
I prefer lighter colors myself(stay clean longer and easier to wash) but sounds good. Thats the cheapest I've seen around. Auto or manual?
Ah sorry. $13,900 but if I finance through them it is $1,000 off.

It is an auto. Just bought a center console/armrest for $38 on ebay. woot!
Thats good. And as far as I know, the higher end models have a different cluster so that must be why. You can always swap clusters though. :D
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