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Buying A Used Versa

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I keep reading threads where people are buying used Versas and then reporting problems with them. I bought my Versa used and followed a process to ensure it was a good purchase. First, always ask for the Carfax report on the vehicle to see if it was in an accident. Second, get an independent mechanic to check the vehicle out and ensure there are no hidden problems lurking. Third, I try to buy used cars only a few years or less old. My 2010 Versa HB I bought about 4 years ago was from Hertz Rent2Own. The car only had 21,000 miles so it was still under factory warranty. I got the car to drive for 3 days before deciding to buy. I made sure it had no issues such as weaving to one side and the engine sounded okay. I purchased my own Carfax for $15. Needless to say, the car has been running great. I had a CV Boot fixed under warranty, put new tires on it, and put new wipers on it. Recently upgraded my stereo. The car was listed for $5000 under blue book. Very pleased with my purchase.
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Can't beat the three day test drive, i usually take an hour or so.
Mine included complimentary CarProof, but the front end fender bender didn't show up on it.
Does Carfax include only insurance claims?
My independent mechanic rocks
I have a buddy's buddy who manages an Enterprise rent a car, hmmm i should talk to him next spring when my license sticker expires...
Glad it's going well with your V
Carfax shows some maintenance records and accident records. Not sure if it actually shows all insurance claims. For example, if the car was stolen and recovered. Or, in a flood. I think it shows a VIN that has been salvaged and reinstated after repairs.
Hey dude i thinks it's a good car. Good fuel efficiency and average reliability on the hatchback. For some reason, the sedan's reliability has been poor since it was made.

Scrap Metal Brisbane
They made both, sedan and hatch, the same year. Do you mean the 1.6 engine? That one was made in 2009 but not many issues, if any at all.
where did you hear of poor reliability on the sedan? Maybe the newer version but usually new cars are this way and after a couple of years it evens out.

JoshG is right and maybe the two of us are a little biased LOL but the old body style sedan 1.6 seems to be the most bulletproof of all the Versa's. Almost never see any posts on here about issues.
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