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i have a buzzing coming from inside my dash... i remember someone else having this problem.. any ideas what it could be? sounds like a little plastic piece is vibrating right behind my stereo/passenger airbag area... :(
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yea i think that was me with that probelmn and i still have it...
what i did was literally cleaned out my whole car took everything out of every spot availible in the car and then re positioned it and sometimes it still comes back so i smack the shit out of it and itll go away... also in the engine compartment one time i tighten up the bolts holding the plastic engine cover on and that caused some vibration to go away..
bleh... alright ill see what i can do.. thanks
sure thang

good luck!
if worse comes to worse take it into the dealership..
maybe a screw worked its way loose
The answer is......What is the passenger vent...the fix is to shove a fatter grommet between the vent and the vent's connecting tube..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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