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Bye Bye V.

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The V has been utterly reliable and going to miss it, but now its time to upgrade. Just bought a 2004 mazda RX8 6speed Fully load with body kit.

Goodbye 120hp 1.8cvt Versa
Hello 240hp 1.3rotary Rx8

For Everyone In The Forum Thanks For All The Help.

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Have fun and enjoy your new ride, I know I am.
you're still ok in my book since you got a mazda :) i'm a huge mazda fan....
Row row row your gearbox gently down the road...
Nice choice! Take great care of the rotary in it! Those aren't cheap or easy to fix/replace. and watch the taillights, theres a fairly new Rx8 on my road and one of the taillights is already having condensation in it >.>
Thanks Everyone. You all have been great I'll post some pics soon.
Congrats! Awesome handling car! If they put the mx5 motor in it, there might be one in my driveway now:D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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