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CAI forwards compatible?

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Anybody know if the 1st gen versa cold air intake is forwards compatible with the 2012 Versa?
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were not for certain yet. bob is getting confirmation from nissan in Tennessee as we speak. but its looking like a yes since its still the same B platform
Who can post a photo of Versa 1.6 with CAI?
2012 Versa OEM intake is CAI in my opinion. The long plastic pipe from intake cross over header to above generator is sucking cold air from behind grill. Maybe need few improvement like K&N filter and heat insulation...
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Just compare 12+ air filter size with 11-. New filter is narrow, therefor can't use current KN filter for Versa. Need to wait for them to come out new model number.
I am disappointed that 12+ is using smaller filter, that means more restricted air.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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