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Calls from Nissan

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How many of you receive phone calls from Nissan to make sure you have got free service setup by Dealer? I have never received so many phone calls from auto company before, even other vehicle is twice as expensive than this Versa.
I sense there may be something wrong and they want to put our cars under a close look. CVT? Or anyone know anything?
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I remember that when I first got mine. It was borderline annoying. It eventually stopped thank God. Now all I get is stuff in the mail from my dealer saying they want to buy the car back and put me into a new nissan :).
I don't receive anything from Nissan anymore or receive phone calls... Unless its a recall issue. I told them to stop sending me stuff after having a bad experience at the dealership I purchased the car from.
I get emails from time to time about them wanting to know my feedback with a survey. I usually don't care to fill these out because they are pretty lengthy and i usually don't have time for them. The only other thing i was getting was phone calls to set up appointments for routine service but i kept telling them i do my own and they stopped calling me.
They called me about 2 weeks ago and asking about the service that I got when I had my truck worked on. The last question they asked me was if I wanted to sell my truck, because used cars are in demand right now and I could get a good deal on a new car. I said no and if I wanted to sell it I would have traded it in when I bought my versa.
I get the calls/emails from the dealership telling me to trade in my car and get into a brand new Altima. If only they knew how much I owed on the damn thing..
I don't get any calls, nobody loves me =( lol
I don't get any mail. I bought my 2012 Versa USED, with 404 miles on it.
I think Nissan decided they didnt want to send me anything other than payment bills. I think they got tired of me sending back the little post cards requesting brochures for all their other models.
I don't get any calls, nobody loves me =( lol
Hahaha. We love you
Thanks, good to know I'm loved somewhere out there lmao.
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