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We pick up our 2012 Versa S on Thursday and I'm already looking to upgrade the interior. I'm not a fan of fabric seat, especially with two teenagers and a dog. Clazzio doesn't make covers for the new sedan yet so I'm looking at other sources.

I'd like to go leather in front and vinyl in the rear. The CalTrend leather seat covers are around $375 for the front set. A bit pricey for a $10K car but I think it's a smart investment in the long run.

Has anyone used this brand seat covers yet?

I already ordered the All Weather Floor Mats from Nissan Parts, $85.50. Another good investment since my wife spilled a 16 ounce chocolate coffee on the floor of the car we're replacing this afternoon. Yeah, I had just cleaned the carpets last night for the new owner.:facepalm:
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