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Can I get an exact replacement battery at Costco?

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for a 2007 Versa 6 speed SL?
Is a 51R the right battery?
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Likely old age. Batteries have a reduced capacity when its near 100 degrees or 0 F and it may work "ok" at room temp does not mean it will also work at those extremes as a battery ages its capacity is reduced. A load test is the best way to tell this and my advance auto store does this for free and will tell you your battery capacity and current state of charge. Thats how I zeroed in on the issue with my van as they told me the battery was reading its rated capacity, but ir was only partly charged.

Longest Ive seen batteries go is ten years. Im anal, I replaced my Nissan battery within 6 months of ownership to a larger one and did the big 3 upgrade minus the negative battery lead due to the current sensor.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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