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Can this be repaired?

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There's a lot of crap in my garage so I've moved a lot of it out of the way so I can park the Versa. One day I drove into the the garage and rubbed against a cardboard box and this is what it did to the passenger side of the car (pictures below). There are some streaks that has reached the primer. Would compound remove these scratches or will I have to go as far as sanding....I bought this paint pen last year for stone chips but its already dried up (piece of crap)

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Hmm ... Not too sure. I'd give the rubbing compound a try first, it wouldn't hurt.
I should take a look at my touch up pen too. I hope it hasn't dried up, I bought it from the dealer last summer.
Ya mines all dried up :(. I asked if they carried the one with the brush and they said no...but I found some on Courtsey Nissan that I'll pick up this summer.

When I cleaned my car last week I noticed the wheel well on the driver side got a stone chip. Anyone know where I can buy paint leveler? It's gone right to the metal and I'll need to use body filler
Was the cardboard box covered in sand? Thats not far enough to reach the primer, its just scuffed. Work on with compound by hand first before using a machine, don't wanna burn the paint when its so scuffed.
I got shopping cart dings and stone chips all over mine as well. My friend does paintwork, says to use body filler, just enough to fill the space, and level it.
It should be able to come out with some rubbing compound and a good random orbital buffer and a good LC cutting pad.
I did something similar and I just rubbed like crazy with compound and most of the white came off... I still have to follow up with some touch up paint, but I was so psyched that most of the scratches buffed out.
I have used the Meguiars Scratch x 2.0. It doesn't scratch the finish either.
I have used the Meguiars Scratch x 2.0. It doesn't scratch the finish either.
how about the result after using that??
To the OP, was that ever repaired? Doesn't seem terribly deep. A decent polish w/ cleaner should remove that.


Megs ScratchX 2.0

Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Mothers Step 1 Pre Wax Cleaner

etc etc.

Be sure to followup with a proper wax or sealant (if you've detailed ur car before).

if you aren't bothered by detailing, then you can ignore the last part.
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