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Cannot get wheel off car

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I noticed someone else had this problem, but they were able to get under the car and hit the wheel off from the other side. No such luck for me. My rear passenger side wheel is stuck on the car. I've removed the lugnuts and sprayed WD-40 and rust remover on the hub. We have hit around it with a sledgehammer, put a 2x4 behind it and hit that with a hammer. I've put the car down and backed it up some - nothing has loosened it even a little. My concern is that I'll get a flat tire on the highway sometime and not be able to change it.

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Take off all the lugs but 2 leave 2 on loose (opposite each other ) make sure Rey are loose that you can see space between lug and wheel and go for a drive like 20' should do happened on my moms scion xd tried kicking it with my heal and all did this trick poped right off befor putting wheels back on I cleaned off the rust on the hub area with a wire brush and added a lube on it as well as on the rotor where the wheel touches
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Prybar between something and the rim always does the trick without risking damaging anything. An offset crowbar would do the trick.
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