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Car/alarm Horn

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so what i noticed when i bought my versa and brought it home

i noticed it was very sensitive and my alarm would go off when a train would pass! or my brothers huge old school suburban!

then one day i noticed it had stopped and realized that my horn had just "died" :(

i was wondering if any of you versa owners can suggest where i can buy one and if its something simple i can do at home! and if i can what tools will i need!

oh and its an 07 if it makes a difference :p
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I have a single tone horn. Luckily you have an 07 which uses a high and low tone horn, its gonna be really loud lol.
I have a single tone horn. Luckily you have an 07 which uses a high and low tone horn, its gonna be really loud lol.
are the locations of the horn the same on every versa no matter the year??

driving without a horn sucks especially here in los angeles! crazy people drive crazy!
Yea theres gonna holes and a mounting arm on the rad support for a horn or two lol. I mounted mine just below the hood latch and not back onto the arm. You'll see when you take off the grille. Goodness, driving in LA with no horn!! Madness!
GREAT! ill do this tomorrow for sure! as soon as pep boys or kragen or autozone opens!

yes it is! especially driving to work dear god its like new york city! people just come out of nowhere kids dogs! i almost hit a dog coming from the movies at midnight on friday! and i couldnt do anything but swerve away! o.o
Sweet take some pics or record it :D Im glad I upgraded the horn, people take the Versa seriously to move or get outta the way!
i sure will! ill do both idk how my phone records video lol but ill do both just incase!

i searched autozone and they have a high and low for 15 each :D
If there was only a way to get a ship horn mounted lmao
i think that horn on a versa would literally make the versa fall apart from the sound! and i think it would set off alarms in a wholeentire block lol that would be cool though just like those train horns!
New horn is on my list. The stock one on my 07 sounds like a moped.
is there a specific type of horn you need for the v?
cause i'd be interested in finding a horn i like and installing it, but not sure what to really look for, any tips?
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