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Car just died!

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I have a 2008 Versa hatch. Twice now the car has died completely on me. Once while on the way to Florida it lost power completely while doing 70 mph on the interstate. The feeling was like an EMP bomb had hit the car... I lost all power and only just managed to steer the car (lost power steering, and everything electrical as well) onto the shoulder. After about 10-15 minutes of sitting on the side of the interstate I was able to restart the car and carry on. The weird thing is that the computer did not display any fault codes so the dealers were unable to offer any sort of diagnoses. The other time this happened was to my wife but luckily she was close to home. Same results.
Has anyone else had this happen to them? Nissan didn't seem too interested!
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My guess would be a faulty alternator...but if that was the case the car wouldn't turn back on. Strange...
Make sure the battery is seated properly and that the connectors are tightened down.
not sure, maybe its the fuel pump... I'm not sure.

Question: during the 10 mintues of waiting, did the lights on the dash work? or was the car completely dead 100%
The whole car was completely dead.
I would check the battery connections and make sure there are no loose fuses
Yeah this sounds like an electrical problem. It's possible something just got knocked loose. Did you ever try restarting the car right away?
battery connection
check the battery terminals and clean them.
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Happened to me once .... It was the terminals werent fastened after i installed my soundsystem... But then again in ure case if the dealer checjed it out they might have looked at the battery right away .. Try tugging them see if they jiggle a bit if they are loose just put a nail in between and tighten em if not change the whole terminal
I always put just a little vaseline on the terminals. Doesn't take much, it helps protect em.
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