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Car Repair Resources

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Thought id post up some resources for you guys, and anyone else can feel free to chimne in and ill edit the first post to include your additions.

This thread is here so we can share some of our favorite resources for car repairs and maintenance. Sometimes we have a question, but just can't get the answer we need from the forum. Or we need it quicker. So here are a couple of my favorite websites/youtube channels for car stuff! -he has lots of great how to videos on youtube and he has his own forum. He tends to explain things in ways that are easy to understand.His videos cover everything from fixing a stuck caliper to rebuilding an engine. -similar to eric the car guy. This guy is a little crazier, but puts lots of easy howtos on youtube that could save you a trip to the mechanic. His how tos are more basic, but valuable.

If you have anything else, throw it up!
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