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Car wash damage...

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So I took the Versa to the car wash last week....

Somehow the piece next to the door handle broke off i talked to the manager and he said there was nothing he can do because it fell off... and that his employees did not do it. that the car was made cheap. I asked for a refund to pay for the cost of the repair of the part and he refused.

Anyway... i am now in need of the piece missing anyone have what i am looking for in red? thanks


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Ouch that sucks; sorry to hear. That is the main reason why I avoid automatic car washes.

Can you order it from the dealer? What about a scrap yard? Even if it's in another colour you could always paint it.
ya try a scrapyard. don't be surprised though if they hesitate to part out a whole door. try nissan dealer maybe? couldn't be too much coin...
Yeah I learned my lesson with car washes... I usually do it myself but the lazy bug had bit me... I haven't thought about the junkyard since it's a newer car.. I usually only go for my older cars
does swft 281 refer to a quick 4.6? mustang perhaps? curious:D
Haha yes sir, a 04 Mach 1 to be exact. Its my username on the Mach 1 forum as well
Call me crazy, but i drool over the 2011 3.7L manual w 2.73 gears for my commute. I've never had 300 horsies before so :drool5:
I hear you, Ive got the 300 horses now... Only thing missing is the mpg

Those new stangs look stylish, are fast, and won't burn a hole in ur pocket
That part is under 20 bucks at a dealership. Painted already too
if i'm feeling lazy, i go to a touchless carwash for this reason along with my fear of those stupid brushes scratching the shit out of my car....just think how much dirt is stuck to them....and then they are being rubbed and scraped all over your car...*shudder*
in almost 3 years i have only ever hand washed it. No drive thru of any sort and no brushes.
in almost 3 years i have only ever hand washed it. No drive thru of any sort and no brushes.
Same here ... Never gone through an auto wash.
That sucks dude, i dont know what im going to say if this happen to me T_T sorry..
this happened on my friends integra (big ass scratch from the door looks like a key but bigger) after that he's either soaking his car at home before going to the hand wash center or wash it himself :D i hope i helped.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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