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Car wont Start Thoughts please

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2015 Nissan Versa note base 65,000miles -- In April this year the car started idling all kinds of crazy. At first we thought it was bad gas because of the way it was acting and no check engine light. 2 weeks went passed we had already treated the gas and the idling had stopped. Check engine light came on (code for spark plugs) and the idling problem came back and car was in limp mode. We had the spark plugs changed along with the ignition coils car ran fine for about a month maybe even 2. Check engine light came back on it was the O2 SENSORS we were told we could drive the car but the gas mileage would be bad the light went off the next day and stayed off for a week and when it came back on with the same code (which we had plan to change that weekend this was on a Thursday) The car died on the highway would not start back up and had to have it towed home (this happen at the end of may). We changed the battery as we had issues with the alternator earlier in the year and thought this might be the issue as we did not change it at that time. This did not work. I checked the mass air flow, throttle body, control sensor/TPS, fuel pump and changed the spark plugs again just in case. I did all of this through out the summer as we have 2 extra cars. Finally i decide to have a mechanic come out and check out the car because since i could not get it to start and the code had been erase as the battery had been off. The mechanic said it was a bad ground and seemed like the cause was the starter and that the ignition coil fuse was blowing right when the car key was turning. This past weekend I changed the starter and replaced the fuse with the same issue happing. I also replaced the ground battery terminal as it looked to be lose. LOOKING FOR ANY IDEAS AS TO WHAT I COULD/CHECK NEXT. I do have the car's mechanic book and I also have a 2016 note as well
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My ears are ringing from all the parts cannon shots being fired here.

You need to take the time for proper diag with a professional grade scan tool to see what's missing from the puzzle. Is it fuel, spark or air related? Is it a mechanical or an electrical problem?
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