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Carbon-fiber camouflage

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I was at the local dealer checking for a Juke when i saw a 370Z go by. It was all black as he approached, looking shiny and waxed and even in the paint scheme. As he hit sunlight, his door and back fender turned to carbon-fiber print. Front fender remained black. It was such a seamless transition, it made my jaw hit the floor. I'm dying to know what it was, if anyone can tell me from my horrible description or point me in the direction of a product?

It wasn't that I couldn't see the CF print because of bad sun. It was more like a car that changes color depending on the angle of viewing.
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did it look like this one?

Yep, same idea but make the colors plain black and carbon fiber pattern. I think I'm just gonna go back up there today. I'm willing to bet with all the other mods on it he probably works there and I can get the info straight from the horse's mouth.
yeah that paint job rocks!!! but that's not my car or anything, I was just trying to help him find the paint job he was talking about, so I failed =(
Could it be a carbon fiber body?
I guess it could be? I can't even imagine the cost associated with that.:eek6:
Couldve been wrapped in CF. Theres a CF wrapped S2000 at my school, and when the sunlight is behind the car it looks black, once in direct sunlight, the CF shimmers. Although it would be rare to see a fully repaneled CF body.
It was carbon fiber wrap, with an extra tight weave pattern that made it look black from a distance, and patterned when near. Saw it while checking for the March.
That 3000GT has what they call the 'Chameleon' paint job :)

Was very popular here for years back in the early 2000's.
I've been toying with the idea of Carbon Fibre wrap as well ... its the 3M Di-Noc stuff that seems to be the best option right now, but it ain't cheap!!
The 3M Di-Noc is an option, but you need to remember that is only a temporary thing. It is like vinyls, not permanent and it will get chipped up and stuff just like vinyls do. The chances of that guy having the 3M are much higher than him having a carbon fiber body, but its not impossible. They make almost every part for my Evo in Carbon fiber except for the rear quarter panels, so there is always a chance he just had all of these installed.
this is 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber wrap i like it. it looks just like the real thing.


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