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Carlisle Import Nationals May 17-19 2013

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I will be registering my 2008 Versa SL for the Import Nationals in Carlisle, PA and think it is a great place for all Versa owners in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast regions to meet up.

I've had my Versa on the show every year and would love to see more Versa owners come out and have a great time. More info about the event is at: Carlisle Events - Collector Car, Bike, Truck, Import Shows and Auctions in Carlisle, PA
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hmmmm... its tempting. That'd be like a 9 or 10 hour drive for me though.
its 5 hour for me but totally worth the trip.
If I knew more Versa owners going I might consider it.
I know what youre talking about,,I wish more versa owners would get out and show their cars,,every show I go to I know that I'll be the only versa there,,,
^ same here I have been in two shows and its always just me
I will be at Carlisle again this upcoming year so I know one will be there .
2 months until Carlisle it is going to be fun!!!
Even if you go to Nissan meets you won't see any versas, I see a couple really nice Vs in my area, but they never go to the meets. The ones I see are decked out, custom-built exhaust, body kits, and nice wheels.
I still enjoy going to check out all the cars in the show and if we can get a few Versa's to show up that will be a win! I mean it has been 25 years since Renaults were sold in the USA and they have at least 10 to 12 cars show up so we should be able to have 10 Versa show up.
I wish i could but I don't think my CO will let me go. Aww the life of the navy
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