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Casino and Arcade installed

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Ok we finally got the link for arcade functioning (kindof) and installed a casino
Everyone starts with $250 and bonuses for certain things in the forums so there is a way to get some extra $$$ as well. Now we may reset the amount once we have everything set up to not be so easy to get some money.

Now to get to them until i can find out how to move them around to a different spot, they are under quick links, its the bottom links in green.

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how am i supposed to play blackjack when all i am delt is 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17???
how am i supposed to play blackjack when all i am delt is 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17???

sounds like a string of bad luck, ive done quite well with the blackjack
Oh man, I have to learn how to play Casino games now? :S

i liked it better when we got 25 per post
Do we get money per post? All I know is I blew most of my money yesterday on blackjack and signed in today with well over double of what I had? I'm not complaining :)
i will say this bring in some members, and you will get a nice bonus, last night we reset everything to restore it, as i was doing some testing, also each day you log in you get some as well.
so if we blow 1350 in 3 mins we have to be postwhores to get more money or is there a reset button???
there is no reset button, you can transfer money, so i sent you 100 bucks. now if you refer people you will get some extra cash so invite others and have them enter your name on sign up
Wait so you post and get more money?

edit, lmao dave i found a way to cheat your system.
yep i figured it out, but it will take forever
i can't find the link :( haha

edit* wow im an idiot nvm
LoL...I got greedy and blew 4g's.
ha ha thats funny, i hear ya there, you can blow a lot fast if your not carefull
LoL...I got greedy and blew 4g's.

haha u have $0 i blew a tone of cash, deftosociety actually broke the slots wen he was playing haha
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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