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CD player questions

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Hello everyone!

I come bearing … questions!

I’m looking to replace the CD player out of a 2007 Versa, I’m wondering what my options are?

I have checked every craigslist within 100 miles of where I’m located (Jacksonville, Florida) looking for a stock cd player for an 07 Versa, but are there other options? For instance, will other year Versa cd players plug right into this stock wiring harness, or even other models? (like the xterra).

Any help would be very much appreciated!
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the wiring from others should fit just fine the wires would be the same but in my opinion if you are gonna replace it i would suggest upgrading to a better head unit
check out: for aftermarket radios.
I agree with Muzzle. I've replaced many factory stereos only to be delightfully pleased with better sounding aftermarket ones even with stock speakers. I'm pretty sure Metra makes a cheap connector that would wire to new stereo and plug right into the factory harness(don't quote me on it tho).
I was going to upgrade to this JVC but its on hold for now

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You can go to They are cheaper then Also any S or SL radio will fit the Versa. I had an SL radio in my S, fit just fine. Everything matches up. You can use the cube and sentra radios too. That same radio went into my mothers Sentra and fit just fine. The main harness and antenna are the same. Other than that, all the radios seem to have more or other things on them. Plus depending on the model, it will be a different color. Cube's, Sentra's, and 2010 Versa's and up are red. Just about any 2010 and up Nissan Double din radio will fit. I say 2010 and up to be safe, cause it seems Nissan started using the same radios for most of there line up. Like cube, versa, sentra, rogue, and Juke use the same navigation system. If you go aftermarket I would suggest getting a double din, it would look alot better. hope this helps.

Nissan Factory Radio/Cd Player-2008 Pathfinder/Xterra | eBay
07 08 09 Nissan Versa 6 Disc CD Player Radio LKQ OEM | eBay
(SL 6 Disc) Id wait to find one cheaper though.

After market
Sony WX-GT77UI (WXGT77UI) Double DIN CD/MP3/Aux/USB/iPod Stereo
Clarion CX201 (CX-201) In-Dash Car Stereo with Front USB Port
(nissan uses clarion radios)
JVC KW-XR610 Double DIN CD/MP3 Car Stereo w/ Aux & USB
Clarion CX501 (CX-501) In-Dash Car Stereo w/ Bluetooth and USB
(HD ready and has Bluetooth)

The good thing about going aftermarket is, better sound, upgradeable, and most come with AUX and USB plugs.

This is the one I bought and I LOVE IT!!! I also added the HD kit, and back up camera.
Pioneer AVH-P3300BT (avhp3300bt) 5.8" In-Dash Double DIN
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Thanks for the help!

Looks like I will be taking everyone’s advice and get an aftermarket cd player.

I'm actually not worried about the sound quality being the best of the best, just want something decent. If you have ever not had a cd player and all you could listen to is the radio for a year then you know where I'm coming from! Anyways, it seems it won’t save me much money (if any at all) to buy a used Nissan cd player, so I figure why not just upgrade to something a little better.
If listening to the radio is a priority, some aftermarket tuners are weaker than factory ones. I found my JVCs were lame, but Pioneer, Sony and Alpine tuners are better. It's probably not hard to find some concrete reviews for FM tuners.
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