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Well last night I finally got around to changing the spark plugs. Mostly due to my last desparation in achieving respectable mpg. This thing has been absolutly hideous in the gas milage department. With the best and worst being 29 and 24. Rather pathetic in my opninon. But enough of the ranting. I was able to find a how to that didnt really explain anything other than a 14mm socket was needed for the plugs. It is really straight forward, just time consuming.
The first time I removed the engine cover thinking it would be a "normal" 10 minute job I was pretty pissed. The Versa seems to be the perfect dealer car.
Well heres how I did it
-remove engine cover
-remove front intake that attaches to bumper
-remove tubing between throttle body and air box, with attached air injection thing
-remove 4 bolts securing throttle body to manifold
-remove 5 manifold bolts in front, and 2 in rear(on top of engine)
-unclamp and remove pcv hose from top of engine, and vacuum hose from rear of manifold
-remove vsv with screwdriver from manifold
-I left the throttle body in place as I did not feel like making a mess removing it completly by disconnecting the coolant lines.
-remove coil packs
-remove old plugs using a shop magnet to get them out
-reverse order to put it all together

Pretty sure the only tools I used was
-phillips screwdriver
-8mm socket
-10mm socket
-14mm deep socket
-various extensions
I reused the gaskets as they looked good. Sorry no pictures, just wasnt in the mood, or thinking I would even do a write up. But seeing as there really isnt one here, and god only knows what the dealer will charge, figured I would now. My plugs were ashed pretty bad, and 2 were kinda burnt. We'll see if this helps my milage at all.

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that is some horrible mileage. And two plugs not looking like the others is not a good thing. Wonder if you have oil seepage through the valve cover gasket.

Hope your mpg's improve.
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