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Hello, how is everyone.
I have a Nissan Versa SV 1.6L with 162K miles on it. Yes, the miles are high due to the nature of my job. The car has performed flawless up to this point. I change oil/filter every 6k or so in addition to rotating the tires.

Just got my first check engine light a couple of days ago. Auto Zone and Advanced Auto code readers say its P0240; 3 way catalyst fault.

One of the possible faults is bad plugs according to the readout. The plugs are originals so I went ahead and bought OEM NGK's.

Question: Aside from the dealer, where can I get an OEM intake manifold gasket as well as a throttle body gasket. I have alldatadiy for this vehicle so it gives a lot of repair information.

Any and all information, suggestions, do's/don's would be greatly appreciated.
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