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Chat room

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I'd like to have a live chat room sort of like AIM but a room where everyone can be in the room and chat at the same time. What do you think? Could you give us one Dave?
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good idea... :p ill be idling in there everyday lol
My other forum has the chat on top of every page. It works out really well.
ive tried several chats and have not found a good one, i will look into something more see if maybe there is a vb specific one
this would be a great addition to the forums i hope you find one soon...
the only downside to most chat add ons is that they are slow. Why not set up Skype group convo (if you can) or a Steam convo or something?
This is the one we are running and it's not slow or anything. You can still see everything on the forum but there is a discussion box on the top. It reloads every few second but there doesn't seem to be any lag time when you make a post in it.

If interested and need more info get a hold of Jon the administrator over there.
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As long as you don't have Javascript disabled or run high browser security it would be fine I guess :)
I will try and find out today.

I was just thinking that maybe we should hold off on the chat. When my other forum put one on posts slowed to a crawl. All offtopic things went in the chat then people started asking questions on there. Eventually there were hardly any posts in the forum. Seems like we should build up the forums before introducing something that could bring down the amount of posts. I'm not sure how search engines work but I would think the more posts and traffic you have the higher in ranks we get.
Having the chat is a great idea. I'm not sure how that will impact the performance of the site. Maybe we could bring this up again in the future? I think it's fine for now.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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