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Check Engine Neutral Switch

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Hello All!,
Glad to be a part. I'll be talking about my son's 2007 Versa and will appreciate all of your help, opinions and yes, even, snide :woot:remarks.
He has a Check Engine light on and has been to a Meineke and another auto parts store in Atlanta to have them read his computer. They both told him that the Check Engine light is due to an issue with his neutral safety switch. His car is a 6 speed manual and I am trying to figure our what actually could be the problem, whether or not I should send him into the dealer ($$$) or just what. To complicate things just a little further, he let his registration expire and now has to get it inspected by Friday. HELP:cornut:

Thank you all!!!
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on his car, would that functionally be the same as the clutch safety switch?
Clutch safety Switch

I would think that would have to be the one. Since he is a non car person and he wasn't at a Nissan dealer, there's no telling what that translated as.
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