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r2urbo, I never had a permanent fix.

It comes on occasionally (few times a year), generally more often when the weather is cold. For now, I just plug in my wifi OBDII device and clear the code with my phone. If I don't clear the code it will eventually go away on its own--it could take a day or it could take a week.
I have the same problem. The check engine light comes on more often during the cold weather. No problem at all in summer. I simply clear the code using an OBD II scanner. Been almost seeing this problem and no problem with my car so far.
Someone suggested that it could be a dirty throttle body, cleaned it without removing it from the car. But, the code still came out when the weather went below freezing. Now, I doubt it might be related to a vacuum leak in the car. Next time when the code comes I will see if there is any vacuum leak. My car has 140K, so I am also considering cleaning the fuel injector. Let's see what happens. It's not a real problem, as once I clear it, it wouldn't come back for 300-400 miles.
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