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China shipping mystery

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I ordered my headlights at the beginning of the month, and they finally came in.
The box was packed full Chinese newspaper and....

Don't worry, the headlights were in the box too.

Here are some theories I've come up with:

1. They put them in for even weight distribution in the box.

2. They were packed in a Chinese prison, and some prisoners are planning an escape by digging a tunnel and hiding the rocks in the packaging.

3. Drug dealers used my package to send drugs across the country, then when they got the drugs, they replaced the weight with rocks.

What do you think the reason is?

Also, I'll upload pics when I have them installed. Hah.
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I have never heard of anything like that.. weird. wicked weird.

I like the prison theory though.
I know there ancient chinese medicine rocks. Just rub rocks on painful areas and the pain will disappear! :) Ok just kidding. So did the head lights survive the journey with rocks in the same box? Did the rocks crack the headlights?
My dad came up with a new theory.
China packaged the rocks, making the package heavier, in order to increase the tonnage of shipping to the US.
Could it have something to do with trade agreement and tonnage limits? Especially regarding tariffs.
They're trying to ship China over here rock by rock.
They're trying to ship China over here rock by rock.
One of the few times I wish there was a "Like" button everywhere!
They want you to get stoned. How do the headlights look?
Nice!!! How much did those run you? where did you buy them?
Yeah man, stop teasing us...we need some details. :)
NISSAN TIIDA Black Headlights

Beware. They took a month to ship from china. haha
Very nice. Hows the light output?
What did they charge you for shipping??

So strange....
I paid nothing for shipping. Free.
Maybe there was a minimum weight necessary.
oh wow, those look really nice! i had no idea that this was out there

now is it me or do ares these exactly like stock headlights but some areas are painted black or they even used black materials?
^^^ Yep, they're blackhoused. They look just like our factory headlights except the color and they dont have reflectors.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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