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I have a 2009 Versa with the CVT, it has been a colossal disappointment in nearly every category but for now I just got a question about changing the chip.

I have never done it but it doesn't seem to difficult. I got a chip that changes the fuel mixture (or claims to) and does not completely rewrite the computer. Have made no effort to install it yet until I got some feedback on others who may have changed their chip. is it a bad move? difficult? worth it? my car has never had the efficiency that it advertised, that's why I would like to make the change. chip was only $14.00 so not a big pain if feedback suggests I don't make the change. hoping to hear from anyone who has done this.

Second question; has anyone found an alternative to that prick dipstick in the transmission reservoir? it's impossible to remove and I haven't been able to check the fluid. if I can get it out I would love to have something better to put in it's place. the mechanism (clip) that holds it in place is, so far, impossible to release to pull it out. is there a specialized tool perhaps? help from anyone is greatly appreciated.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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