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Chirping noise from front when turning

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Hi all,

My 2011 Versa has developed a chirping noise. It seems louder than before, and is only there when turning the car right. I do plan on asking the mechanic about it during the next oil change (soon) but just wanted to get an idea beforehand if anyone experienced something similar. Was thinking it could be the wheel bearing. Thanks for your help.
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It can easily be rubber squelch from tread blocks warping too much due to bad alignment or loose parts like control arm.
Yes, some cars got TSBs on the struts due to coil springs put in metal to metal instead of using a rubber insulator, they then make noise as the strut moves to sometimes pop the spring, it can sound like a chirp. The fix is to add the insulators back in they left off for a while trying to save more money for the CEO.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts