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1.The Classifieds are a privilege, not a right.

2. Firearms, drugs and items of the like are prohibited.

3. No profanity or vulgar posts.

4. No spam.

5. If you have multiple items for sale, you may only post up one thread at a time and list all the items in that thread in consideration of fellow members.

6. We are not responsible for anything that goes on here. Use this forum at your own risk, we are only providing this to you as an option.

7. Please be descriptive in your thread title as to what you are selling.

Example: FS: TEIN S Tech lowering springs

8. If you created a thread, please let the public know once it has been sold/purchased.

9. ABSOLUTELY NO THREAD HIGHJACKING. If someone has posted up a for sale thread and you have the same item for sale, do not leave a post stating that you will sell yours less than the other user. If you do, the post will immediately be deleted and a warning left. If you know of someone offering a better deal, keep it to yourself.


Tips on selling your item:

- Post up a picture. Everyone wants to see the product you are selling.
- Be specific as to what you are selling so there is no "accidents".
- Post up your contact info. Email, City/state, etc.
- Post up the item price and a shipping price.
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Not open for further replies.