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Cleaning Intake Filter

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Hello Versa owners,

I've got a Fujita Cold Air Intake and was wondering how often do you clean the filter? Mine has been on for about 30k miles and I figure it's probably due for a cleaning. Also any tips when it comes to cleaning the filter?

Thanks in advance :thumb2:
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On any K&N filter or equivalent type filter i use a K&N filter (filter charger kit?) forget the exact name of it or similar type cleaning kit. It has the cleaning solution that you spray on (out side filter) and wash off with a hose from the inside out, then let dry, then spray the K&N oil (out side filter) and then you reinstall filter and your good to go.
Yep as with all filters always do the initial wash down from the clean side. So in the case of cone filters stick a hose or air nozzle inside the cone and blow outward. Then after you get the oytside clean you can spray from the other side.

Oil is optional. I havent used in on any of my cars. Others do.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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