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climate control backlight

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hey guys, i recently wired my entire v with green leds since its impossible to see at night. I find the orange backlight on the climate controls to be rather drab and was hoping I could convert them to green as well. or atleast natural white. does anyone know how or where i could find out how to do it? or atleast what the bulb size is? was hoping i wont have to kind of walk into mod blindly haha
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take a look at this thread, you'll find out more.

some of us have had bad luck with changing the bulb to a different color, you may want to ask athikerguy4life as he may have had recent success with it, not sure though
two possible ways for upgrading the lighting. im bout to order the wedge based ones, if i have trouble with those then Im just going to order the Neo series lights from superbrightleds, already has it all built in. ill let you know how it goes

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