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Apologies if this is in another area; I could not find it. Found CLUNK regarding driver saying in the steering wheel & column area. *BUT*

I hear the CLUNK in the back area, seems right rear, but nothing felt by me steering. Only happens after overnight parked. When I back out, drive forward a couple of car lengths and turn left, drive slowly in ally way for one minute at most, THEN turn right -- within 1-2 car lengths, hear CLUNK. Once only.

I've heard it a least 6 months and because it seems benign afterward, have not taken to dealer. Just had 24 month maintenance this week and forgot to mention it. Would appreciate YOUR feedback BEFORE going back to dealer, to have a heads up in case what they say differs from your experience, etc.

VEHICLE -- 2015 Versa SV Sedan with odometer 4,941. Manufactured in Mexico Oct 2014, purchased new April 2016 with 25 miles on odometer.
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