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Clutch feels harder to press now?

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I was driving and I felt a pop sound from the clutch pedal I thought something broke or something got stuck between the clutch pedal but it was clear.

I pulled over and shifted to neutral, and when I shifted I also noticed the clutch pedal had more pressure. It didn’t feel as loose as it used and it feels like I’m driving a different car.

The clutch used to be a little bit more loose and it used to catch at the very end.

Now after that pop thing
it feels harder to press and it catches at the middle range. It feels like a different car :|

I messed with clutch pedal and the sound happens when I tap the clutch with foot hard, but if I press the clutch pedal slowly it doesn’t make the sound.

Car has 151,000 miles, maybe is time for a clutch replacement?

its weird
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check where the master connects to the pedal. Could be a worn pin or bushing. On an older car I had, I had a similar issue and it turned out the bushing broke completely and the pin was binding. It was called a clevis pin and bushing on that vehicle. No clue if Versa has the same setup though.
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kool thanks!

i will ask a local transmission shop to look at it a.s.a.p

i remember one time the clutch pedal hit south and got stuck and it didn't pulled back up, so i pulled the pedal back up with my foot, started the engine and it was OK again.

that was about... 2 months ago or so
and i will go to 2 different shops
don't let them sell you a clutch. At worst you'll need a new master or slave cylinder (easier and much cheaper), but my thinking was along the same line as Robj80's. Could be a spring that broke or something in the connection between the master cylinder and pedal assembly.

've recently started to get a clicking noise when I press my clutch pedal in as well, coming from the pedal assembly. If I get around to investigating I'll let you know what I find.
Took the car to the Nissan dealer

I told them brake pedal feels pongy and sticky and it makes a click sound when I first press the clutch pedal.

They took her in and they said a plastic piece at the end of the clutch pedal is broken and it requires replacing the master clutch cylinder.

So that’s what’s wrong it. Clutch Master cylinder

well seems we steered you in the right direction! Sucks you need a whole new master. Any more info you can get on this the better. Like pics of what is broken, part number on the master. If you can't that's fine just figured it would help the next guy. I'm sure this will happen to someone else if it hasn't already.
yes you guys did.

will post more info.

thanks bunch!!!
My master went out suddenly this past winter... when we were having those -20 days too, and i was unemployed at the time so i didn't have access to a shop. It's not a hard job. Just disconnect the master feed line and plug it with something, take the hard line retainers out with a screwdriver (not all the way off, just out enough to slide the lines off the master), disconnect the pedal from the master push rod, and turn the master 45 degrees and it will come right out of the firewall (similar to how headlight/taillight bulbs engage/lock). Up here in Canada from the dealer the price was i think $130 or so i want to say? Still have the receipt just too lazy to look for it. Bleeding is easy, when you install it and put the feed line back on just let it gravity bleed for a half hour or so to minimize the amount of pumping you have to do. Then put a (preferably) clear tube on the bleed nipple near the bellhousing and stick the other end in a half full container of brake fluid (prevents air from being sucked back in when you release the pedal), move the retainer pin up and take the line out a little bit, but not fully out. Then pump pedal up and down slowly for a minute or so, push the line back into the connector, and check for pedal feel. Rinse and repeat until you have good clutch pedal feel. As always, monitor the brake fluid level periodically, i like to overfill the brake fluid level during bleeding if it's just a one man show, just to be safe, it won't hurt anything to have it a little over the max fill line.
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yup, spot on.

probably that clip is what's breaking on mine. I was really nervous during those super cold days with my clutch pedal. It held on, but I'm sure that stressed the hell out of the seals.

I'd bench bleed the cylinder by hand outside the car, plug the ports then install and connect, but I know a lot of folks follow exactly how you do it without issue.
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